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Summer Camp Week 0: SSF riders have some fun!!

Day 1: Bounce line

20180613_153625 Ashley & “Cammie”20180613_154024  Chase & “Heart”FB_IMG_1528918471304 Chantae & “Whiskey”20180613_154039Ella & “Chip”

Day 2:

20180613_154909 Ella & “Whiskey” bounce line20180613_154849 Ashley & “Cammie” 2’9″ bounce line

20180613_154817Chase & “Heart” 2’9″ bounce line

Ashley & “Cammie” airplane bounce line fun20180613_155538


Chase & “Heart” airplane bounce line fun20180613_15561820180613_155607

Ella & “Chip”


Day 3: Bonding

FB_IMG_1528920485428 Chase & “Heart”

FB_IMG_1528920491008Ashley & “Cammie”

FB_IMG_1528920427614 Ella & “Whiskey”

Day 4: Hog’s Back Jump

20180613_161003 Chase & “Heart”

20180613_161026Ella & “Whiskey”

20180613_161047Ashley & ” Cammie”

Oxer Jump:

20180613_161916Chase & “Heart”

20180613_161945Ashley & “Cammie”

20180613_161853 Ella & “Whiskey”

Swedish Oxer Jump:

20180613_162433 Chase & “Heart”20180613_162443 Ella & “Whiskey”20180613_162455 Ashley & “Cammie”

After lunch Trailer Loading practice:

FB_IMG_1528921697450 Ashley & “Cammie”

FB_IMG_1528921701056 Chase & “Heart”

FB_IMG_1528921704157 Ella & “Whiskey”

3’3 Bounce Line:

20180613_163600 Ashley & ” Cammie”


20180613_163546 Chase & “Heart”20180613_163724

Day 5:

Bounce line

20180613_164416 Ashley & “Cammie”20180613_164405 Chase & “Heart”20180613_164353 Ella & “Whiskey”

3’3″ Jump:

20180613_164918 Chase & “Heart”

20180613_165040 Ashley & “Cammie”

SSF riders Camp Photos:

FB_IMG_1528922891979 FB_IMG_1528922899415 20180613_165013 20180613_165027












A very SAD day for SSF

This past Valentines was bittersweet as we at SSF lost one of our most beloved horses. Sadly Chance passed away at the tender age of 35. He was SSF owner Nina’s very first horse. She had Chance for many decades and her inspiration to the horse world and her passions. May he be at peace now running free up in the heavenly skies along side his best friend and side kick “Blue”. We miss you dearly already Chancey as our hearts are deeply hurting. We love you friend. Always and forever in our hearts and a part of our soul.FB_IMG_151924973898120180221_165559

50 and over ladies come out to hop back in the saddle!



Ladies 50 and over….are you still that crazy obsessed little girl at heart who has never gotten over that love of the horse!? Do you have riding experience that you would like to brush up on!? If you said YES to both of these questions then you’re the perfect candidate to come out and join us!! Offering Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10am until 12pm at $30 p/riding session or $150 a month*These are not lessons…you must have saddle experience even if rusty. NO trail riding but arena riding. Helmets required* Dust off those old breeches…put on your boots and come out to play! Contact Nina Fisher at 904-814-0631. See ya in the saddle ladies!