About Farm/Owners

Family owned and operated, Steppingstone Farm was established in 1998 by Nina Fisher with the help and support of her husband Dale Fisher. Nina started riding horses at age 13.  Years later, Nina’s two young sons began riding horses in 4H clubs and her heart swelled! With a special talent for training, Nina followed that path as well as being a 4H leader for 15 years. Dale got Nina her very first horse when Nina turned 35, a sweet chestnut named Chance. Nina had Chance by her side for 28 years until sadly at age 35 he crossed the rainbow bridge on Valentines day 2018.  He and what all horses teach you, is patience, compassion, and a love and friendship like no other. Her love and passion for horses reflects in her training, which is correlated with Pat Parelli and Clinton Anderson. She is strongly against harsh training tools and methods and uses a natural approach with time and patience and feels all 11 of her horses aren’t just animals, but her “pets”, a part of the family. Nina believes all horses should be treated with the utmost kindness and repsect.  75 % of all her horses are rescues…unwanted or surrendered in multiple circumstances by ways of animal control, abandonment, or people calling up asking her if she can take in their horse. It breaks her heart and she wishes she could save them all.  Although the fun and joy of riding is very important, the safety of riding is always strongly emphasized.  Another focus is suitablity, taking skill level, age, and personality to get the best match possible for horse and rider. She truly enjoys sharing her passion for the love of the horse the most with others. It melts her heart to see connections and bonds made between her students and her horses. “It’s why I do what I do!”

Photo ID Heather Miller 007