A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the riders, their noble steeds and Mrs Nina for their winnings and all their pretty well deserved ribbons!! The classes were large and many barns competing but SSF came in 3rd which they worked super hard and diligently for after putting in many long hours of grooming, practicing and mentally preparing! Great job to all!!!!!!!!


Week 2 SSF Summer Camp!

Week 2. Day 1: Bounceline!

20170611_173007Grace on ” Honey”20170611_173040Ella 1 on “Striker”20170611_173107Ella 2 on ” Whiskey”20170611_172944Ashley on “Mickey”

Week 2. Day 2: Some earned R & R!

FB_IMG_1497216269084Group shot!FB_IMG_1497216279968Ella 2 on “Whiskey”FB_IMG_1497216286426 Grace on “Honey”FB_IMG_1497216292820Ashley on “Mickey”

Week 2. Day 3: Girls (& Horses) just wanna have FUN!!

20170611_210250 Kick it ” Whiskey”!20170611_210637Push it out the corner “Gucci”!20170611_212040Battle of the ball!20170611_212127Dont attack the ball “Striker” haha20170611_212102Go “Mickey” Go!

Week 2. Day 4: Jumps!

20170611_180541Ashley on “Mickey”20170611_180440Grace on “Honey”20170611_180503Ella 2 on ” Whiskey”20170611_180521Ella 1 on “Striker”

Week 2. Day 5: Jumps

FB_IMG_1497216391736Ella 2 on “Whiskey”FB_IMG_1497216368486Ella 1 on “Striker”FB_IMG_1497216349652 Grace on ” Honey”FB_IMG_1497216331193Ashley on “Mickey”