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Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to add two weeks of half-day camp for a limited number of riders. Please call Ms. Nina Fisher at (904) 814-0631 to reserve your spot before they are full!

Farm Activities

Steppingstone Farm hosted a local girl scout troop and helped them earn their horsemanship badge.  The girls learned all about horses and their care, and finished their day up in the saddle.

As the kids are counting down the number of days left for school this year, Steppingstone Farm is counting down the days to Horse Camp!  There will be 4 weeks filled with lots of happy hard-working campers!  We are very excited!

Happy Valentines Day from all us at SSF! ❤


Today marks a sad day as we celebrate Valentines we are also missing a piece of our hearts as it also marks 1 year since “Chance” passed over that rainbow bridge. We celebrate all the love he gave us and honor his beautiful soul. It brings peace to know hes running free up in the heavenly skies along side his best friend “Blue” while celebrating turning 36 yesterday up in the clouds! We love and miss you everyday old man.



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Dont delay!! Hard to believe the school year is halfway over already!! Before you know it summer will be upon us!! Sign up ahead of time to reserve your child’s spot with just a small deposit required (nonrefundable but will go towards the full balance due). Several camp weeks offered to choose from from full or half day!! Age 7 and up, NO riding experience needed! Note* this is a RIDING camp so we will be in the saddle most of the day!* This is a GREAT way for your child to learn the basics of the horse, how to tack and ride properly and safely which in turn can open the door to regular lessons once school begins again if your child falls in love with the sport! Contact Nina Fisher 904-814-0631 to reserve your spot and for further details or any questions. See you in the saddle!!