Meet Our Lesson Horses

While owner/trainer Nina Fisher adopts and takes in numerous surrendered or “adopted” horses, she unfortunately can’t take in every horse out there, although in her heart, she wishes it was that simple and that she could. However, she must scrutinize every animal and go on the basis of what horse best fits into her lesson program based on multiple factors such as personality, a sound mind and good health. So, let’s meet them!

Gucci:Purchased” 7 y/o mare Buttercup Buckskin who arrived at SSF late this spring of 2015. She was rescued by her previous owner for a small price from a kill pen auction then bought by Nina. She is 14 hands. She has a laidback and kind nature. Such a gem! When you meet her, you will surely fall in love with this sweet, special girl! 



 Whiskey : 14 y/o bay gelding Foundation Quarter Horse who arrived at SSF March 2015!! He stands 15 hands. He is a quirky, low-key, quiet horse who enjoys human interaction and truly aims to please! Very dependable and one of the favorites of our riders!


Ben:  “Adopted” 9 y/o light bay gelding Thoroughbred who came from one of the numerous training centers in Ocala. He stands at 16 hands. He has been at the farm for 3 years. A very sweet and curious horse who enjoys attention! *Due to a joint injury, Ben is often off and on again for light lesson work only.*


Honey:Adopted” 11 y/o Appaloosa. She stands at 15 hands. She was a former trail horse and is very dependable with a good, level head. She has been at the farm for 3 years. She is just a nice all around horse and an athletic girl!!


Daisy: Purchased”-25 y/o medium size pony standing 13′ 2 hands. Palamino mare Quarter Horse. She has been at the farm for 17 years. She is the mother to Striker”. Such a kind, laidback and nurturing broodmare. She is currently now retired but loves to he groomed and loved on. Be sure to say Hi to her. She was the lesson Queen.


Heart: Adopted” -11 y/o horse standing 15′ 2 hands. Light bay gelding Thoroughbred. He has been at the farm for 4 years. He is a retired off the racetrack horse rescued from Ohio New Locations for Adoptions of Thoroughbred Standard Breeds. He is an energetic, athletic and high-spirited horse who needs and enjoys consistent daily routine work.


Striker:  Born here at SSF from “Daisy” and son to “Steelers Last Strike” and half brother to lesson horse “Chip”. 13 y/o pony standing 13′ 3 hands. He is a black gelding Quarter Horse. Such a fun, playful, and spunky horse!


Jay: “Adopted”- 22 y/o POA (Ponies of America) standing at 13′ 2 hands. Half Arabian half Appaloosa. He is blind in the left eye due to an accidental eye injury but trusting if you sing and talk to him. He is full of life and an all around super fun horse to be around! 


Chip:“Adopted”- 19 y/o horse standing 15′ 2 hands. Dark bay gelding Quarter Horse. He has been at the farm 15 years and is half brother to “Striker” by the father’s bloodline. When rescued, he was found with nowhere to stand but on top of tree roots, in a mud filled area, in poor conditions. A very forgiving horse. He is docile and very dependable and seems to be drawn to children. Just a big ol teddy bear!


Mickey“:  “Adopted 6 y/o bay gelding. Mickey came to SSF in 2016 when he was 3 y/o to be the farm’s project pony. Nina chose him so senior riders could use the knowledge and skills they learned from her to break and train him. After many months of training, he transformed from a pony who wanted nothing to do with humans to a sweet little guy who will follow you around like a puppy dog. At 12’2” hands, he is the smallest pony at the farm, but shhh, he doesnt know that! He is a nice mover who has no problem running the jump course or keeping up with all the big boys!



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