“From the moment I walk through the gates I feel as though I am surrounded by love from the people to the horses. I feel as though the farm is where I belong”-Chantae Smith on “Ben”. (English rider/student).


“The farm is a magical place, cut away from the rest of the world. When there I feel like a 10 year old horse crazed kid again! Somehow all those day to day worries and stresses get left behind when I close the gate. Nina has made it so easy for me, a stay at home mommy of 3, to live out my childhood dreams of riding. She is so passionate about horses and helping little girls (or little girls at heart) fulfill their horsey dreams! Thank you Mrs Nina!”- Samantha Hodges on “Blue”, who SSF sadly lost to natural causes March 2014. RIP “Boo Boo” . ( Western Pleasure rand English rider/student).



“Ever since I was a little girl, I was always in love with horses. I begged and begge my parents to buy me a pony, but we split it even when I was 7 and they said they would get me lessons. We asked around and found a little barn called Steppingstone Farm. I instantly knew this was where I belonged. This barn is the most amazing place I’ve ever been, and its literally my second home. Mrs Nina is THE BEST trainer ever! She’s helped me through more than just a few rough falls off a horse, but in life as well. She’ll push you hard, don’t get me wrong, but she only wants to make you the best you can be and boy is she good at it !Our horses are SO honest, and I’ve never seen any better schooling horses anywhere. I just love it here.”- Julia Usina on “Boomer” (English and Western Pleasure rider/student).

“I love this farm! I’ve only been riding a couple months and it already feels like a second home! I have had horse riding lessons in California but the first day I rode here Mrs Nina taught me more in a day than a month of lessons in Californi! I love everyone at the farm and my trainer! Riding horses is my passion and it’s what I couldn’t live without! I have had so many good lessons and memories here, I can’t wait for the future!”-Samantha Ostertag (Former English rider/student).

“I love ALL the horses/ponies, they’re ALL amazing! Steppingstone Farm is my home! I love it here! It’s so welcoming and everyone is so nice and the horses are too! Mrs Nina is an amazing riding instructor! I just love her! I’ve learned so much from her! You’re the best Mrs Nina!” -Lauren Leetch (Former English rider/student rider)

” Since the first day I got to Mrs. Nina’s farm she has treated me like one of her own children . She loves all of us and treats us kindly . I don’t know where I would be on my riding skills today if it weren’t for her . She has taught me so much about horses , from hoof care to showing . She has brought many amazing horses into my life that I’m not sure I could live without . Stepping stone farms is my safe haven to go to t the end of the day . “-Saige Middleton (Former English rider/student).

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“Being a stay at home mom to twin toddlers, this truly is my second home and provides me such inner peace in my hetic daily life. Being in my 30’s I started my journey into the horse world late but I’ve always had a deep rooted passion for horses. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this farm and feel so lucky to have Mrs. Nina as my trainer and close friend, and for all the new friends, both human and horse, I’ve made here! No matter your age or skill level, you feel instantly welcomed, everyone just sharing the same passion! Mrs Nina is the most caring and supportive trainer out there! She truly makes you feel like a part of her family. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in the past 3 years I have been here, from groundwork, riding, to showing in Western/English Pleasure and Western/English Dressage, which has been so memorable for me. Mrs Nina is amazing at what she does and it shows in all her riders! She strives for you to be the best you can be!  All of her lesson horses are well mannered and honest. Thank you and I Love You Mrs. Nina! -Heather on “Holly” (Western & English student/rider)