Week 1 SSF Summer Camp!

The advanced established SSF riders rocked it this first week of summer camp!!! They showcased the beauty that encompasses rider and horse teamwork and partnership and what it can accomplish! They of course had loads of fun playing around too! Great job to all!!!

Week 1: Day 1 Bounceline!

FB_IMG_1496113950739Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496113956652Chase on “Boomer”FB_IMG_1496113961071Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496113967591Chantae on “Honey”

Day 2: Jumps and Bounceline 

FB_IMG_1496692300754Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496692303468Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496692305628Chantae on “Prince”FB_IMG_1496692309266Chase on “Boomer”

Day 2: Everyone switched to diff mounts!FB_IMG_1496692341601Chantae on “Whiskey”20170605_160418Olivia on “Striker”

FB_IMG_1496692346477Ashley on “Gucci”

FB_IMG_1496692337627Chase on “Honey”


Day 2: Relaxing after a hard camp workout!



Day 3: Horsing around!

FB_IMG_1496693918076FB_IMG_1496693921095“Gucci”FB_IMG_1496693923612Ashley w/ “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496693925874Chase w/ ” Boomer”

Day 4: Corner Oxer

FB_IMG_1496694265560Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496694229812Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496694227863Chase on “Boomer”FB_IMG_1496694225816Chantae on “Prince”

Day 4: Scary Palm jumps!

FB_IMG_1496694734139Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496694747329Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496694744819Chantae on “Prince”FB_IMG_1496694737346Chase on “Boomer”

Day 4: Liverpool gator jump!

FB_IMG_1496695088534Olivia on ” Heart”FB_IMG_1496695086765Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496695084897Chantae on “Prince”FB_IMG_1496695082540Chase on “Boomer”

Day 4: Flying high at 3’3″:

FB_IMG_1496860382435Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496860380411Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496860373278Chantae on “Prince”FB_IMG_1496860376055Chase on “Boomer”

Day 5: Triple Oxer

FB_IMG_1496858312446Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496858309650Chase on “Boomer”FB_IMG_1496858304833Chantae on “Prince”FB_IMG_1496858297240Olivia on “Heart”

Day 5: A round of applause for these amazing riders and horses!!

FB_IMG_1496858491756Olivia on “Heart”FB_IMG_1496858498384Ashley on “Cammie”FB_IMG_1496858476760Chantae on “Prince”

FB_IMG_1496858482301Chase on ” Boomer”