Monthly Archives: June 2021

Summer Camp 2021: Week #2

What a great group of “Super Girls” and “Super Boys” we had for our second week of camp. Everyone worked really hard on learning to ride and improving their skills. They learned all about horses: what they eat, how you take care of them, what the farrier does for them, how to groom them, bath them and tack them up! Our campers played lots of horsey games like follow the leader, Red Light/ Green Light, Simon Says, and tack up and ride relay! Campers had a great equine yoga session and learned to ride bareback and relax on the trail rides.

GREAT job Super Girls & Boys!!!

Summer Camp 2021: Week #1

We had our first-ever all adult camp this year…what a great group of ladies! Campers learned all about caring for a horse, grooming and tacking, and spent each day working on their riding skills. They had lots of fun unleashing their “inner child” and playing horsey games. Most have signed up to return for lessons after our summer camps are completed, so we look forward to spending time with our new friends!!!