Monthly Archives: May 2016

“Ace” &”Mickey” making milestones in the Pony Project program!

Both father (“Ace”) & son (“Mickey”) are achieving many new important parts of horsemanship being taught by the group of participating girls of SSF. Both ponies have been put through all types of desensitizing (which helps them gain trust and confidence and to be less fearful of numerous unfamiliar objects and obstacles), going through numerous driving sessions (which in turn will pave the way for them to understand and give into pressure and release once the rider uses reins in the future when in the saddle), and learning weight distribution when a rider is on them, and are in the process of getting saddle broke! Both “Ace” & “Mickey” had major breakthroughs with accepting a rider on top of them, even at a walk! How about a round of applause for all these amazing things the SSF girls are teaching them and for how awesome these once “wild” ponies are now becoming domesticated! STAY TUNED for much more to come!